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Name Start Times Adam Zimet 10am Alan Frank 11am Andrew Schad 10am Bob Dyke 9am Bob Humphreys 9am Bob Maguire 9am Dan Zimet 10am Dennis Uffer 9am Erik Anderson 10am George Alicea-Ruiz 9am Geroge Fambro 9am Jed Alexander 9am Joe Berman 11am Joshua Ho 10am Joshua Osburn 10am Keith Neihart 9am Ken Greco 9am Lee Anderson 10am Logan Foley 10am Lucas Bossung 9am Mike Rothstein 9am Nathaniel Frank 9am Peter Clerkin 9am Peter Peart 9am Rick Anderson 11am Roger Berry 11am Sam Worchesky 9am Tony Truman 9am   Stratton Woods Park 2435 Fox Mill Rd, Herndon, VA 20171 Stratton Woods […]

08/11/2017 – 08/13/2017 3 Wall Eastern Regionals

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Toledo 2015 Photos and Video

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Toledo 2015 by Peter Peart

So much has been written about the 3-Wall National Championships held annually in Toledo, OH and yet there is always more to see and say about this unique event. Something about the blazing sun, concrete courts, surrounding bleachers, benches and swaths of grass that creates this idyllic setting for families,  old friends, acquaintances and rivals to congregate on that unofficial last weekend of summer that spans Labor Day. Throw in a beer truck, endless grilled meats and you have the makings of what some would call, paradise. Oh yes, let’s not forget our beloved game that has been called “perfect.” […]

2015 Eastern Regional 3-Wall Tournament – Results

2015 Eastern Regional 3-Wall Tournament (August 22-23) Centennial Park, Ellicott City, MD Open Singles First round: Ray Persaud Sr. d. Nathaniel Frank (20), 14, 9; Sam Worchesky d. Steve Arias 18, (11), 6. Quarters: Billy O’Donnell d. Ray Persaud Sr. 1, 2; Josh Ho d. Chris Persaud 13, 3; Lee Anderson d. Mark Ozgar 13, 3; Dan Zimet d. Sam Worchesky 3, 3. Semis: O’Donnell d. Ho 1, 5; Zimet d. Anderson (6), 16, 0. Final: O’Donnell d. Zimet (8), 11, 7. Consolation Nathaniel Frank d. Ray Persaud Sr. 10, 9. 50+ Singles Stephen Bossung d. Bill Tebbenhoff 10, 17. […]

Maryland State Handball Tournament 2015 – Round Up

Handballers – I wanted to thank everyone who came out to play on the 7th of the Feb at this years Maryland 4-wall tournament.  We were able to create several brackets based on player interest in both singles and doubles.  Congrats to our victors.  Lee Anderson was able to defend in the Open Singles, holding off a very determined Dave Bardwell, who dominated game one.  Lee took a sizable lead in the second only to see it evaporate over clutch play by Bardwell and some uncharacteristic loose play by Anderson.  Lee was able to stave off match point before taking […]

Maryland Handball 2014, Local and National Tournament Championships

To all lovers of our game, there is such a rush of emotions when the word, “handball” is mentioned; and then the emotions are amplified when a game is played between friends and/or rivals. This amplification is further cranked to a blazing intensity, and often immeasurable without feeling the pulse of the individual players when games are played at tournaments, locally or nationally. As a player/spectator, you can almost feel your body react and mimic certain shots while other shots can only illicit a smile and that warm sensation that accompanies euphoria when that shot is executed with flawless precision….

3-Wall Eastern Regional Tournament 2014 Results

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3-Wall Eastern Regional Tournament 2014 (August 15-17)

The 2014 Eastern-Regional singles and doubles tournament will take place at the Centennial Park 3-wall courts in Columbia, MD.  Depending on the number of entrants, players may need to be prepared for their first match as early as 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 15th.  If you cannot play on Friday, please let us know in advance.  USHA rules apply to all matches, and losers are asked to referee a subsequent match.  A consolation division or drop-down division will be available for all players, so you will be guaranteed at least two matches in each event you enter.  Beverages and snacks […]

No frills results 2014

No frills results 2014